Knows that design forms part
    of contemporary culture.


CARMENES knows that design forms part of contemporary culture and that the collaboration with prestigious designers created and will create pieces that combine beauty, common sense and formal rigor. Not for nothing has CARMENES always been strongly committed to “design by the author”, offering great contemporary designers like Lievore, Pensi, Codina, Hoffman or Héctor Diego a large platform to offer timeless designs.

Together with great masters of design, CARMENES stakes on generational renewal and gives voice to young designer studios that provide for a new aesthetic vision and challenge conventionalism in lines and materials. Some examples are La Mamba Design Studio, A.P.O. and Estudio Savage, with creations that generate great expectations.

CARMENES intends to be an attraction pole that will secure the visibility of their products, serving as a take-off platform for the youngest designers

and providing them, for their design programmes, complete freedom of expression and the largest flexibility when it comes to planning the seats for a place anywhere in the world.

Every new project is analysed from all perspectives with the aim of getting the perfect equation: a piece that gathers design and functionality.

The idea is to create pieces that despite being commercial are recognisable unique pieces that will create a visual impact. Just like the painting of a great artist, every sofa or armchair by CARMENES has to stand out and differentiate from all the others in shape and quality. The project is creating “Design ICONS”.

The result are pieces that will challenge the passage of time. Timeless pieces that will resist use and wear, and will never give in.


The constant renewal of techniques, materials and support, the implementation of new technologies, as well as the coexistence of classic and modern, are proof of the internationalization of expressive languages and the growing contribution of our company to this universe that is permanently demanding new aesthetic incentives.

CARMENES is a family, the members of which -from the creator, who draws the first line of what will later on become a seat, to the person in charge of carrying the goods into the track, including all those who are in charge of purchasing materials, choosing the fabrics, the ironwork, the upholstery, the commercial team and the designers-, feel pleased to have the chance to offer pieces with a name to the world.

TAILORING and WOODWORKING are the two basic pillars making up CARMENES. Sewing mastery

A factory in which expert needlewomen perfectly master the making of the fabric that will dress the robust figure.

In which the purr of the sewing machines is the background music of a workday.
The experience and the many years working provide them with the mastery and knowledge about the features of every single fabric with which they work: elasticity, resistance and durability are characteristics to be taken into account when choosing a fabric for a piece of furniture.

Settling the bases
Woodworking is a significant part of the frame manufacturing process: the skeleton of each creation. Mastering wood and metal processing and the ability to give them shape, using ancestral and modern techniques has allowed CARMENES to give life to ideas that started being abstract drawings, simple lines on paper or dreamlike inspirations of a designer to the service of art. The analysis of wood and metal provide for true knowledge about the real possibilities of the pieces to be created.

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