Merkato is a new food and wine tasting market in the central district of l’Eixample in the city of Valencia. It is a gastronomic project of the restaurant owner Valentín Sánchez Arrieta who has made the most of the industrial essence of the aircraft hangar that hosts it.

With a look that is organically in line with the design of the Fosca chair. Francesc Rifé Studio is responsible for both the interior design of this space and Fosca, a chair that is the result of a network of rigorous metallic iron lines, a thoughtful seat and a wooden back.

Fosca finds its place in the restaurant area of a project that includes the historical and culinary feelings of the city.

Based on a premise of additive-free simplicity, this longitudinal area logically moves along the grocer’s stall for example, the market and the shelves displaying products for direct sale. The area set aside for making bread and pastries has zenithal latticework.

It is in the large central bay, under a vast gabled roof with ceramic cladding, where the Fosca chairs reveal their visual elegance and technical functionality.

In this gastronomic area, which takes up 740 m2, the contemporary note is presented together with two geometric volumes expressed in glass and a wire mesh that hide the wine cellar and act as a distributary channel towards the loft, with access to the offices, cold chambers and an urban kitchen garden.

The vegetation and the layout help produce a feeling of privacy. The chairs and tables are intended to be combined in an orderly fashion, depending on the number of diners.

Photos: David Zarzoso

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