Through the studio of designer Francesc Rifé, we have equipped the new Peydro Herrero clinic with pieces from our BUD and SAM collections, using interior design to balance the formality of orthodontics with the intimacy of design.

These new installations, which occupy an area of more than 400 square metres in the centre of Valencia, respond to the growth needs of this clinic, which seeks to take a leap forward, not only geographically, but also in terms of comfort, spaciousness and design, with a new space designed by and for the patient, which provides privacy and new areas in which to rest and recover after an intervention.

The BUD programme, specifically a series of armchairs and occasional tables, welcomes the patient in the first waiting room, which leads to other spaces that invite calm and in which the Francesc Rifé Studio has opted for the SAM sofa and armchair.

BUD and SAM, both signed by the internationally prestigious Catalonian designer, have been conjugated chromatically with the textured grey that impregnates the walls, ceilings, floors and glass dividers with which the waiting areas and the eight surgeries, located beside each other to optimise the dentists’ time, have been equipped.

The language of colour gradients is one of the defining features of this project that seeks to create intimate spaces which, at the same time, allow the entry of light and favour the wellbeing of every patient. Without losing the essence of an orthodontics clinic, but with the comfort and serenity of a hotel.

Photos: David Zarzoso