What does the traveller expect of a VIP lounge at an airport? Somewhere to pass time that guarantees comfort, privacy and somewhere to have a bite to eat, work or simply relax. For the airline company, it is an exemplary place where it can give its most faithful clients an exquisite service. Having them in mind, the Airline company Avianca has put its trust in the designer Francesc Rifé to create these spaces and he has refurbished the exclusive Avianca Lounge spaces of el Dorado airport of Bogotá (Colombia) with pure elegance.

To this end, the designer has used Carmenes to incorporate a few of our products in this space. The SAM and BUD armchairs, both bearing its brand and Norman by Savage Studio that unfold their contemporary style in the VIP lounges of Avianca, conceived to be places of transition defined by peace and calmness, and also from an aesthetic point of view.


Photo: David Zarzoso

Spaces to rest, relax and read coexist with gastronomic areas, which are perfect to take a breather before embarking on a new trip. Lounges facing inwards that favour the constant movement of people.

These areas, defined with names such as “Enjoy your meal”, “Stay connected” and “Resting Area” opt for the linear sobriety of the surfaces and the naturalness of the materials in armchairs that combine wood and metal structures, enhancing the ergonomics to favour the comfort of the user.

The discrete separation of spaces and the predominating use of upholstery in armchairs and  panelling not only provide warmth but also privacy to each space.


Photo: David Zarzoso

The Avianca Lounges refurbished by Francesc Rifé Studio cover 3,500 square metres and are divided up into the Gold and Diamond areas that, based on small architectural features upholstered inside, contribute to the aesthetic neutrality of a project in which the CARMENES armchairs are functional, ergonomic, quality products with a look that blends in perfectly with the exclusiveness of the area.