Milan offered us a unique opportunity to strengthen personal bonds and to show you a project that we have been working on for some time with plenty of enthusiasm and effort: our Easy Living collection.

While in Milan, we have also presented our very first piece of furniture: Heritage, which shows our evolution as a brand. Designed by La Mamba Studio, Heritage is our way to go goes one step further to produce a distinct lifestyle language in which our collections are enhanced to create beautiful, elegant and discretely luxurious surroundings, our “Easy Living” concept.

A piece that is a complete novelty in our catalogue; it is intended to complement its previous lines as a functional and auxiliary accessory with impeccable aesthetics and elaborately fashioned materials, which goes well with all its upholstered pieces.


Apart from Heritage, a line of sofas, armchairs, modular systems and coffee tables have been presented by joining contemporary design with the creative passion of our designers, studios such as La Mamba, Savage or the designers Francesc Rifé and Jorge Pensi.


Essential pieces that converse with space and the people, which favour the enjoyment of unique moments, at a leisurely pace, both in the privacy of the home and in public places, where an instant of peace and tranquillity or a stimulating conversation can be found.


We are delighted with the welcome we received and that we were able to share our time and our hopes with you.