Chef Ricard Camarena has created the restaurant that bears his name, offering sophisticated, sublime and inspiring cuisine, in the heart of the former factory of Bombas Gens, converted into an Art Centre by the Fundación Per Amor a l’Art.

This attention to detail, design and innovation and the search for excellence in every respect are also apparent in the aesthetics of the restaurant, created by the interior designer Francesc Rifé, one of our regular designers.


Rifé has designed an intimate and alluring ambience which is the perfect setting for pieces from our Easy Living 01 collection, designed by his own studio.


The Bud bench and armchair and the Sam sofa lend elegance and sophistication to the lobby and bar area of Ricard Camarena Restaurant, where diners embark on the gastronomic experience offered by the Valencian chef.


The delicate and stylised design of these pieces serves as a counterweight and aesthetic complement to the bricks and concrete of the walls of this historic factory, materials that coexist with the American walnut wood that clads part of the restaurant.


According to Rifé, this interior design reflects the balance of Ricard Camarena’s gastronomic proposal: “a pure cuisine, with a visually uncomplicated appearance but which transmits an infinity of sensations” and is “full of surprises”, including the armchairs, sofas and benches of CARMENES.C